Understanding the Philippine traditional dances

Have you traveled the Philippines and witnessed some of their cultures? This country boast of many sceneries of natures that many of them are provided by nature. There are some that are man made but it has taken years and a tradition to maintain it. The Philippines is one nation that was composed or divided into three part which is the Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.  In those parts of the country, it has its own scattered points of interests that people want to visit.

In those same parts of the country, they have also their own traditional dances that they practiced. One of the characteristic of the country is that they do not only have one traditional dance as people do not have their own one united culture. The video clip above is just one of the traditional dance that come from the Philippines with a little bit of modernization. In the northern part of Luzon, this traditional dance is being performed. In the video clip, the performers came from Kalinga. If you go down the islands you can also find many traditional dances. Also great catering service and delicious servings also here, check this site 餐飲. Some people think fashion is just about make ups.

In the above picture is one of the traditional dance that is called the tinikling. It is performed using bamboos with a beat that the performers go with it as a signal or rythm.