The summarized hip hop culture history

Do you love hip hop? Do you know how it originated? Hip hop has its own history that was started by the black people. It has some evolvement and we can say that it has stood the time as we can still listen to it until now. This kind of music has some quite interesting history. You will admire how in that era they have produced this kind of music that is still practiced and admired until this time. It is one art that the founders are very proud of.

The black talented people have made their own contribution to this kind of art that they have developed it to be what it is today. In the early days, as you can see in the video clip that even a gangster have changed their ways and made a good life by making music. They have made a great contribution to the art and it has passed down to the generations till now that the art can also be called a contemporary one.

Now it is not just appreciated by a group of people but its influence and coverage are worldwide. You can see many enthusiasts and fans even in the streets that do this kind of art. When I mentioned about hip hop to a friend that is haven’t meet for a long timeĀ her response is surprising as she said she is following a band that focus on this kind of music.