The Singers and Dancers of THE CALL

The singers and dancers are people who deserves compliment. In the call, you will surely be entertained by our singers and dancers. They are doing their jobs that no one people are looking for. Pop songs are also available. Studies prove that humans need relaxation in order to stay healthy mentally and physically. It is proven that humans look for comfort anytime and anywhere. This is human life. No wonder people go out whenever they have time in order to give themselves a break. Others go to a party, bar club, sports club and the like. When we think of singing and dancing, we see these mostly in a bar. So people flock into a bar when they think they need it although there are also many who do not go into a bar, seeking other entertainment. When people see the dancers and the singers, their heart beats so fast anticipating what they will see.

In the singers and dancers’ mind, they just want to entertain people. But how much effort do these artists make in order to give their best to viewers? This is why the performing artists of THE CALL practice day and night so that they will be able to perform well before the audience. For dancers, they do not let an hour pass by without practicing. Whenever they have time, they practice. Students who join in a dance club most likely have no time to play outside because they have to focus on their studies at the same time meet their dancing standards. This is why most students fail in their priority subjects when they only focus on dancing. They say that they fail because they do can not carry both heavy loads at the same time. Dancing requires much time. It is the same with singing, but I believe it is easier than dancing. So singers and dancers are good entertainers are worthy of applause for their great effort not only for the visible performance they show.