The Battle of Dances

In this modern age, dance moves or dance styles have become dynamic. Can you name the famous dance styles today?

Ballet  is performed with the use of costumes and scenic design. Demanded with gracefulness, precision and formalized steps set in flowing patterns to create expression through movement. Ballet dancing can be story ballets, classical ballet, neo-classical ballet, plotless ballets and contemporary ballet.

Hiphop, the most famous type of dance. This is very energetic dancing which was developed from several cultures including jazz, tap and rock.

Breakdancing is a form of hip-hop that many people enjoy watching, involves quick spins.

Wave consists of series of movements that shows the wave traveling through the body.The arm wave is one of the fundamental moves in this kind of dance.

Freestyle, the most likely preferred by majority since there is required movements that must be learned. It allows people to show off their improvisational skills. Thus, it gives opportunity to dancers to create new moves and develop a personal style. It is often funky and modern.

Belly dance. Performed by swaying hips and undulating torso employed in an emotional expressions. It includes curving patterns, lifts, thrusts, locks, and drops, and shaking body movements. It actually gives little notice to the footsteps. The strength and control is demonstrated in the belly area.

Shuffling, involves sliding to the left or right and then back and forth.

Tutting is a style of dance that focuses on the ability of the dancer to create geometric positions and movements. Typically, involves alternating positions with an effect of stop-and-go.

Tap dance. Tap dancers wear shoes fitted with heel. The toe taps to sounds out audible beats by rhythmically striking the floor.

Kathak is one of the six classical Indian dance forms. Derived from ancient storytelling, adding emotional facial expressions to their performances thus further developing the dance.

Salsa is a dance for Salsa music, normally a lead & follow partner dance. It  mixes African and European dance influence.