Does Dancing Really Matter?

Turn left, turn right. Kick, jump, squat and leap. Why do people dance? Dance is a worldwide activity being joined by both males and females in any age group. Every year, participants in dancing are increasing. Dancing is a great way to make new friends. Though you have many friends, you will still meet new people and make friends with them. It is because dancing is a social activity that asserts individuality and helps you better understand common humanity. Through dancing, we preserve and express our cultural heritage.

We dance to work together, thus bringing unity to every one. We perform, we celebrate and we are healed by dancing. Let me ask you. How do you manage your stress? Come on and rock the world! Show off your moves. No one will stop you. Dancing has the ability to uplift someone’s mood because dancing is a fantastic stress buster. You can literally lose yourself as you take over to the rythm and beat of a music. More than that, dancing builds self-confidence.

You may feel awkward in the beginning but as you learn basic steps and enhance that more and more, you will surely see yourself gaining confidence. Stay fit and shaped without spending much money! Dancing is good way to lose weight by burning off calories. It can even improve your posture, walking with more elegance and poise. It builds stronger muscles and increase flexibility. Above all, dancing is fun. It is good for your soul since it gives you energy and happiness.