Chicago: A Developed City in the US

Chicago, Illinois is one of the largest city in the United States that is exponentially growing. Seeing its view from the sky, the city is very magnificent and stunningly wide. The city is filled with many rich architectural works. The Skyscrapers are the visible proof of it. Chicago in the past was not really that developed as other cities in the US are. The development of Chicago started when building interstates in the US was proposed. Illinois united with the plan so Chicago interstate was also built.

Many people from the rural area went to the metropolitan area of Chicago and there, businesses were put up. Like this, it was not impossible for the city to be developed as it is today. The economy development depends on the industrial establishments. There are around one million people visiting the city annually seeing the beauty of Chicago. The city scape is very wonderful. The skyscrapers are too astonishing. If you go to the top of the Willis Tower, you can view the four cities neighboring it.

As it is one of the most beautifully developed in the US, Chicago also remains to be developed in technology and science. Actually, the first planetarium ever invented in the US is in Chicago, the Adler Planetarium that was invented by Adler in 1930. Many visit Chicago for the wonderful things like the river that flows backwards. The most intriguing is that Andersonville, Chicago is the home of LGBT so it has the largest population of LGBT around the world.