Come Into THE CALL

The Andersonville’s Best and Largest Dance Floor for GLBT!

Please come in and see what is projected on the screen. Just drop by If you have a time and enjoy your time with us. What can you do here? Sing, Dance and satisfy your eyes and ears to the full! Your fun is found in Chicago’s Community. The Largest Dance Floor will all be yours. It is your chance to enjoy what you want. Feel the freedom in your life. The moment you come inside, you will be amazed to what you will see—the dance floor, the people and the comfort zone.

Why do you have to come here?

To hang out with your friends. You are a person too and you want to be with your friends at the same table and with the same purpose. This is the time you can also be understood by somebody.

To find entertainment. After being stressed out and burned out, attending entertainment is good for you. It is a need to relax from tiring jobs and journey. Sometimes, you might be bored at home, coming into the dance hall will be a help.

To hear melodious music. Human ears always wants to hear music and not noise. After you got tired of hearing unpleasant sounds from your surroundings, music in The Call will heal you.

To meet future friends. Having a lot of friends is good. It develops social skills that we need wherever we go. Meeting others will also help you know what you should not do and what you should do.